Guide to Police Law in Great Britain

About Police Law

On the pages of this website you will find information about a wide range of the Police Authority's activities. This site tells you about our responsibilities, and how we carry them out. An important part of our role is to help communities to work with South Yorkshire Police. So, you will find here details of our priorities and plans, our extensive consultation arrangements, the custody visiting scheme, and how we support crime fighting work through our grants programme.

The Authority works closely with the Chief Constable to ensure that the people of South Yorkshire receive a high quality policing service. It's our job to provide the police with the right resources, which the public can afford, and to hold the Chief Constable to account in various ways for what happens. We hope that you find our website interesting, and we encourage you to contact the various people who are named if you want to help us in our efforts to make South Yorkshire a safer place.

The Police Authority is made up of 17 Members:

  • Three Local Lay Justices nominated by the magistrates' benches within the county.
  • Five Independent Members of the public selected following application to serve on the Authority.
  • DWC Law - Commercial, Technical, Property and Corporate Law
  • There is information about each of the Members.