Guide to Police Law in Great Britain

Acts of Parliament

The responsibility for policing in the UK is split between three bodies: the Chief Constable, Police Authority and the Home Secretary. This framework has been established through the Police Act 1996 and the Police Reform Act 2002. As well as establishing, administering and controlling all police forces, one of the main features of this 'tripartite' arrangement is the duty placed on the Home Secretary and police force and authorities to produce policing plans.

The National Policing Plan produced annually by the Home Secretary communicates the priorities, expectations and targets for policing throughout England and Wales, and is incorporated law career into the National Community Safety Plan.
In addition to our commitment to informing the communities about police law of England and our officers and staff of our priorities, strategies, targets and resources, the Police Reform Act 2002 put a statutory duty on police forces and authorities to produce strategic policing plans and annual local policing plans.

The strategic plan covers a 3 year period and is revised annually; it sets out the strategic vision and priorities for British Police. The local policing plan supplements the strategic plan; it details what processes and strategies we have in place to achieve our priorities; it contains how we are performing against our targets; our financial and Human Resources strategies and details of continuous improvement. Both policing plans complement the force operational strategies, Local Authority and our partners' strategic plans.